discover the real greece with the experts

Views of Greece is an active team of professional photojournalists, editors, writers and photographers -all experts in travel reportage- that stands successfully in the Greek press market for more than 20 years.

Its creators Germaine Alexakis & Theodore Athanasiadis have travelled in every corner of this country for many years now, thus they have gained a deep knowledge of Greece. They are experienced in fields of photography, tourism, culture and ecology, as a result of a long-lasting professional and voluntary activity.

People of Views of Greece are specialized in Greece seen as a travel or tourist destination of cultural, historical, ecological interest, traditional architecture, still intact natural beauty and genuine hospitality.

They are also focused in ecotourism, wild life preservation, protection of environment, as well in the field of friendly eco-sports and alternative activities in nature. All the above consist a strong potentiality that give their brand name a different, unique prospective to present Greece -along with an honest and reliable approach- in a way most attractive to the future visitor. 

"Views of Greece" experts’ views and opinion expressed in extended articles and photographic travelogues have been regularly presented since 1991 in the most widely known magazines and newspapers of our country.

"Views of Greece" archive which contains more than 200.000 classified photos from all over the country, subjects of tourism, adventure, ecology, archaeology, tradition and religious sights along with related texts, is constantly extending, enriched, updated and upgraded. Additionally, complete travelling articles (plus images) ready to be published are available, referring each time to a particular popular destination of Greece (location, region, city, village, prefecture etc.) or places that although they may present a keen interest, frequently are not yet widely known. Furthermore, if a destination is a famous stilted resort, "Views of Greece" has the talent to reveal its genuine profile, its secret or forgotten authenticity.

All articles include practical information and tips for safe transportation, state of road network, selected proposals for food, accommodation and their costs, what the visitor should prefer or avoid. Certainly texts can include historical reviews, references to Greek mythology, wild life resorts, national forests and ideas of alternative sports, 4x4 car drives  and local life customs. High quality digital images are giving the identity and spherical view (all seasons) of the presented place. In any case "Views of Greece" main concern is to gain reader’s confidence, so information is released only after responsible journalistic research and field investigation, always telling truths to  travellers.

The material is handed over to the client always in time, with professionalism and consistency to deadlines, in very competitive prices. Photos are available also without text (only captions), depending on request. Views of Greece archive is flexible and adjustable to every editor’s needs.