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“Live in the most beautiful mountainous villages of Greece”. Vol. A

«To Vima» newspaper 11.04.04

“Beyond the substance of this book, that is to be used as a guide for 50 exquisite retreats in Greece –which unfortunately, will soon be no longer a secret of the few-, the way that information is released causes a sensation. Of great assistance in outlining the specific characteristics of each destination, is mainly the photographic material of high quality.”

“Kathimerini” newspaper 06.06.04

“Have you ever found yourself looking for an “alternative” place to relax and spend your vacations? You have decided to get isolated in some mountainous paradise but you’re puzzled by small and big details, like finding the appropriate room and a good meal? If so, then the guide: “Live in the most beautiful mountainous villages of Greece” will make your vacations easier!”

«Ta Nea» newspaper. 03.04.04

Photos of the 50 most beautiful villages of Greece, information and remarks for a joyful stay, good food, interesting drives and adventurous ideas compose this exceptionally enlightening traveller’s book-guide by Theodore Athanassiades and Germaine Alexaki, who are urging us to “Live in the most beautiful mountainous villages of Greece”, and they Know well we won’t regret it.

«Vita» magazine 03.03.04

“If you are interested in journeys to traditional villages of our country, this guide is featuring all the natural and architectural attractions of mountainous Greece. It also presents practical, well-tried, or even adventurous drives to get you to the destinations of your choice, as well as to explore their surroundings.”

«Maison - Votre Beauté» magazine 03.03.04

“For many of us Greek mountainous villages are nearly unknown. This traveller’s guide comes to our hand to show us around these “secret” destinations, where we will discover new experiences. Its pioneer design which combines maps, selected proposals for accomodation, food and outdoors activities, literally opens new horizons...”

«Marie Claire» magazine May 2004

If you belong to the “daring” travellers, leave the sea behind this summer and go for the mountains. Ramble over the distant Agrafa, the forgotten Kleidonia, having an excellent quide at your hands, the book “Live in the most beautiful mountain villages of Greece”! Its authors have explored 50 unknown mountainous villages and they propose safe ways not to get lost in the country roads, places to enjoy good stay and food, but also ideas to make you feel your adrenaline is rising. With their exquisite photographs, they take an observation of each place thus presenting to you its unique personality.