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“Live in the most beautiful mountainous villages of Greece”. Vol. B

«Auto motor und Sport» magazine April 2006

“Do you like travelling? Does Greece look beautiful to you winter or summer and you’re waiting to explore it?
Now you have the motive. Through the 500 colored pages of these two most handy and uniquely-designed guides, the reader will feel ready and sure to visit places of unique natural beauty”

«Kathimerini» Newspaper 26. 03.06

“Taygetus, mountainous Achaia, central Zagori, Crete island, mount Kaimaktsalan, mountainous Corinthia, Pogoni… in all these destinations and in many more throughout Greece, exist places and beautiful native villages where hospitality is still a way of life and not a tourists’ attraction…
Besides sightseeing you will find selected suggestions for stay, itineraries and tours, special 4x4 escaping, detailed maps and many more handy informations…”

«Vita» Magazine December 2005

“The second volume of this practical touring guide has just arrived, introducing fifty more mainly unknown villages, along with suggested accommodations and their pictures, proposals for selected excursions, detailed maps and other valuable tips and information. Don’t miss it!”

Magazine «4Wheels» March 2006

“The second volume “Live in the most beautiful mountainous villages of Greece” is a book-guide through the pages of which the reader will meet places of natural beauty, will find selected suggestions for stay, routes and tours with detailed maps and lots of information in every destination. At the same time, the extended high quality photographic material included, using the power of the picture will visualize to you every corner of this country.”

«Power bikers» magazine January 2006

Hold it, turn off the engine and pay attention! Will you start your winter vacations without knowing where to go?
For you that you’re constantly searching, the second volume of the book-guide “Live in the most beautiful mountainous villages of Greece” is now available! You will find proposals of selected accommodation, itineraries, tours, detailed maps… the extensivethe extensive illustration carries your mind to special places of our country.

«The Mouse» newspaper 04.05.06

Through the pages of this guide, the reader-traveller can carry out or even dream of a journey, living unforgettable moments up in the most beautiful unknown mountainous villages of Greece.