discover the real greece with the experts

The two distinct volumes of the book series UNKNOWN TRAVELLING DESTINATIONS, titled “Live in the most beautiful mountainous villages of Greece” by Theodore Athanassiadis & Germaine Alexaki were published in greek during the year 2003 and 2005 respectively.

These two uniquely-designed guides introduce more than a hundred of the most interesting, but not necessarily known mountainous villages of Greece.

Through the 500 colored pages of these two handy volumes, the reader-traveller:


  • Will reliably visit places of unique scenic beauty.
  • Will find, for every place, proposals for selected accommodations, itineraries, routes, touring, sightseeing, fourwheel drives accompanied by detailed maps and lots of useful information.
  • Will try cultural trips into local tradition and historical wanderings into the past with a different approach.

The extensive, qualitative photographic material included, succeds in making you travel even in your mind’s eye all over the many beautiful places of Greece. The interest for the selected mountainous villages is not focused only in the charms of nature, but also in preservable traditional architecture, a witness of an old times world that will reveal the works of man.

You will have the chance to hear, as a fairytale, the chronicle of their life from the vivid narrations of old-timers, while the warmth of their people will remind you that there are still retreats in this country where hospitality is still a spontaneous way of life and not a guided policy for tourists’ attraction.

The beautiful landscapes of Greece, presented in a unique way by the photographic eye of “Views of Greece”, flood their pages with color. Just leaf through them and you will find yourself travelling in every corner of the mountainous Greece.

Search, meet, know, feel, “Live in the most beautiful mountainous villages of Greece” (Vol. A & B) and enjoy with us a different journey up in the mountains Greece that seems endless.