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Lakonia Prefecture
Mani - Cape ‘Taenarus’

To the Gates of Hades

Bare rocks, rapid windy slopes and sharp cliffs… rough seas and haunted-like fortresses, but also calm fishing villages, not to mention the tempting glassy beaches...(more)

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Ioannina Prefecture

“Behind the mountains…”

A chain of stone-built villages lies in the “land behind the mountains” (this is what “zagori” means in Slavonic language). (more)

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Serres Prefecture
Lake Kerkini

Reflecting nature’s wonders...

Flutterings and planings in the air, spectacular flights, cawings and chirpings coming from the nests infused with new blood... (more)

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Peloponnese by car
Pylos-Gulf of Navarino

Travelling to king Nestor’s land

Small marine cities and villages, castles and fortresses, wetlands that throb with life, verdant hills that slip softly down to the wave… (more)