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...Their neighbourhoods nest in thick forests under the greatness of snowy crests, they hang on the brinks of canyons or sit on river banks. They balance on the cliffs, they breathe the mountain breeze, and they smell the scent of wet ground, resin and pollen…

Zagori has always existed as a human geographic unity of almost forty communes which have been historically and culturally connected through the years. This social complex of small and large settlements has been developed mainly around the alpine tips of the mountain Timfi, the Viko’s gorge, the Mitsikeli mountain. It is found 50 kilometers north of the city of Ioannina and belongs to Ioannina Prefecture.

The stone-built villages of Zagori are known not only for their singular architectural shape, but also for the sharp relief of their territory which is marked by impressive elevations, deep canyons and shady forests, a rugged land. Each one of them has preserved its own history and unique personality.

The place is particularly popular to exigent Greek and foreign visitors as it is considered an ideal destination also for alternative sports, hiking, canyoning, rafting, canoe-kayaking. There are many excellent traditional guest-houses and a good road network. The villages of Zagori are easily accessible using Egnatia road starting from Thessaloniki, or coming from the harbor of Igoumenitsa…

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